Turning a painful loss experienced by the few into lessons learned for the many

As shown by our core purpose, our role is not just to provide risk capital for our Members’ and clients’ insurance needs but also to support them in all aspects of risk management, not least in the prevention and handling of accidents and crises. Our service concept provides our Members and Clients with added value through our loss prevention, loss control and loss mitigation activities. Our aim is to prevent casualties occurring in the first place, with the inevitable business disruption that may follow, and to assist in getting our Members’ and clients operations back on track as quickly as possible after a casualty has occurred.

In Gard we strive to adapt what we offer to meet our Members' and clients’ changing needs in a dynamic maritime environment. We continuously develop the various aspects of our service to provide up to date knowledge and expertise on important insurance issues, claims and industry trends and loss prevention measures.  The services provided by Gard spans the entire spectrum from claims services and distribution of loss prevention updates and Insight articles, to workshops, crisis management exercises and claims seminars. Our claims service and loss prevention activities highlight and exemplify the importance of a trusted and close cooperation between Gard and our Members and clients.

Our objectives
The main objective of loss prevention in Gard is to provide advice and assistance to Members and clients delivering information on the measures that need to be taken to reduce risks. We aim to fulfil this objective by:

  • producing Gard updates - we develop and electronically distribute loss prevention material and technical advices to all clients and business partners;
  • conducting client training - we contribute to client seminars, crew conferences, crisis management training and other workshops;
  • providing loss prevention tailor made service and assistance to individual clients when requested;
  • conducting condition surveys of vessels covered by Gard.

Our expertise
We have a built up a comprehensive network within Gard capable of delivering our loss prevention products, with more than 200 claims people with extensive expertise as well as our world-wide network of correspondents and other external service providers. Our extensive claims databases with “lessons learned” data from previous casualties is a valuable resource of knowledge and expertise; Gard covers both P&I and H&M and we have offices in all major time zones giving 24/7 accessibility.

Our core purpose also reminds us that we can make a contribution not just to each Member and client but to the industries we serve through our focus on loss prevention and participation in various global industry initiatives together with other maritime organisations.

All of the above are guided by a proactive attitude, a strong internal collaboration across business areas and the right set of values.

For further information please contact lp@gard.no.