Peace of mind
Shipowners and operators face claims from a wide variety of parties in their day to day operations; some are run of the mill whereas others are dramatic incidents that will never be forgotten.

A responsible claims organisation is able to efficiently mitigate risks and exposure and handle disputes whilst protecting the clients’ reputation and prevent their operations suffering disruption regardless of the claim’s severity.

“Been there – done that”
Gard is a long term partner who understands the business of our Members and clients. Our claims handlers come from a wide variety of backgrounds; from lawyers to rig masters and economists and everything in between. Our claims handlers have been with Gard for more than 10 years on average and in that time has built up a deep expertise within their field and considerable knowledge of our clients’ business.

We use the knowledge we have gained through the years to provide tailor made services adapted to the business of each Member and client.

Our resources
Our claims handling service with dedicated process owners and specialist teams for each claims area are capable of handling the increasingly complex claims arising out of global shipping. Each Member and client is allocated a named Gard claims handler or claims team for each claim type.

As soon as the allocated claims handler or the on-duty person is notified of a claim, he immediately assesses what needs to be done. Additional resources are requested where needed and a strategy for the further handling of the claim is made. There is a close co-operation between Gard, the assured and other parties involved throughout the handling of the claim.

Every Gard office is part of and operates a common electronic system. Our global electronic claims files and crisis management log means we are able respond to a claim at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.

We have a strong focus on knowledge sharing and our expertise is strengthened further by sharing knowledge and expertise across a wide range of insurance covers and products. Our P&I claims handlers work together with their colleagues in the Hull & Machinery team to ensure the best possible outcome in complex casualties.

In addition to our in house resources, we have an extensive network of third party providers worldwide able to provide local support and knowledge where needed.

Joined-up casualty response – Gard as Lead Hull and P&I insurer
We have a significant claims lead portfolio for Hull & Machinery and related insurances in addition to the fact that we are a major P&I club. In our experience, there are considerable advantages to having the most important interests handled by the one insurer. An experienced claims leader creates value for the assured by being as effective in handling the practical administration of the claim as a crisis. He will inspire trust in brokers and co-insurers and finds practical commercial settlements that all parties can support Gard insight: How does your claims leader create value.

Gard’s claims handlers understand both the Hull and P&I perspectives and have access to the global P&I and H&M expertise and knowledge networks. The insured benefits from this through cost savings, enhanced information sharing and quick decisions on important issues, all leading to a swift solution. For the insured with both P&I and Hull & Machinery with Gard, any cover issues between the P&I and Hull & Machinery covers are resolved internally.

Result-oriented and proactive
We focus on being pragmatic, un-bureaucratic and “hands-on” in our approach to claims handling. Our experience enables us to stay focused on finding the best solution for our client; we draw on in-house specialists whenever necessary, irrespective of business area or geographic location.

We have 200 professional claims staff across 14 offices worldwide, offering their knowledge and expertise in support of our Members and clients where and when they need it; whether it is provision of Club LOUs, on-site attendance, timely and accurate advice; or simply prompt settlement of the claim.