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Gard Guidance Masters


Should the Master require assistance he/she should refer to Gard’s List of Correspondents which indicates where local assistance can be obtained.

The situation may require the correspondent to appoint a surveyor or lawyer. The surveyor or lawyer must provide the Master with proof that he has been instructed to act on behalf of the Company or the insurer, whereupon the Master should provide

  • all possible assistance
  • full co-operation
  • all information and documentation requested.

    When the Master and his officers are required to report, the quality of the information provided is essential. Information must be true, reliable and rendering facts, not opinions or speculations.

    The Master should report to the correspondent or lawyer

  • the factual background to the incident and details of the incident itself
  • what mitigating action has been taken
  • what evidence has been preserved and where it is stored
  • which witnesses (including names and contact details) are available.