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Gard Guidance Masters REEFER CONTAINERS

When containers with refrigeration units are to be loaded, the Master should, together with the engineer responsible, ensure that the vessel’s electricity output is sufficient for the supply of power during the entire voyage. To prevent a power failure occurring or insufficient power supply being available, attention should be paid when additional power will be required
  • on entering and leaving port using the bow thruster
  • during cargo operations in port, using the vessel’s cargo gear.

    The Master should ensure that
  • all reefer containers are properly connected to the vessel’s power sockets
  • a daily check on the temperatures of the reefer containers is carried out if so required by the Company or the charterer to prevent damage to the cargo by insufficient cooling
  • a daily written record is kept and retained for at least two years.

    If the voyage is delayed whilst carrying reefer containers, the Master should seek instructions from the shipper via the Company.