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The Master should carefully note the condition of the cargo prior to loading
  • if possible an inspection of the cargo to be loaded should be carried out whilst the cargo is still ashore
  • attention should be paid to the storage place ashore. It may be that the cargo has been exposed to rain or snow or affected by foreign matter during storage
  • random samples of bagged cargo may reveal the actual condition of the cargo. For cargo samples to be taken please see section Cargo sampling – dry bulk cargoes.

    Any apparently defective cargo or cargo affected by external elements such as moisture, rust or foreign matter should be rejected and be replaced by sound cargo. Mate’s receipts and bills of lading may otherwise need to be claused – please see section 2.11.4 Signing bills of lading – letters of indemnity.

    If the Master is in doubt about the condition of the cargo, the local P&I correspondent should be asked to assist.