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Gard Guidance Masters GENERAL

In general, it cannot be emphasised enough that personal injuries are less likely to occur on a well-maintained and tidy vessel. This is also reflected in the ISM Code. As slips, trips and falls continue to be the major causes of personal injury, the following precautions should be taken

  • obstacles such as steps, sills, low overhead spaces, protruding handles etc., must be clearly marked
  • the decks and alleyways of the vessel must be kept clean and free of any slippery substances
  • hydraulic pipes on deck must be checked regularly to prevent leaking oil dripping onto the deck
  • special attention must be paid to access areas to prevent slipping on ice in colder climates
  • debris should be cleared from the deck
  • defective anti-slip paint must be renewed
  • sufficient lighting should always be provided
  • handrails and grips must be in good condition
  • appropriate warning signs should be provided as needed.

    Cleanliness and good housekeeping all over the vessel not only provides the basis for a safe working environment but also reflects positively on both the crew and the vessel.