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Gard Guidance Masters


When the Master and his/her officers are required to report, the quality of information provided is essential. Information must be true, reliable, rendering facts but no speculations.

Before releasing any information, the Master should verify the accuracy of the contents and the effect such information may have. It is important to focus on the main issue or incident being reported. The language should be straightforward, clear and unambiguous, rendering a true picture of the issue or incident.

Any report should clearly state the date and time when it was written as well as identifying the writer of the report. It should be properly signed and, if required, stamped with the ship’s stamp.

When reporting to parties other than the Company or the insurers, the Master should contact the Company for further instructions before releasing any information.

The Master should bear in mind that reports provided to authorities and officials containing potentially misleading or false information, may in some countries constitute a crime and could lead to criminal charges, even imprisonment.