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Gard Guidance Masters


The Master should immediately refer to the Emergency Contingency Plan under the ISM Code or the Ship’s Security Plan under the ISPS Code.


Any guidance provided below should by no means be in conflict with any regulatory requirement related to the ISM and/or ISPS Code(s).

Should drugs be found on board the vessel, broken container seals discovered or sealed lockers be broken into – please see section Seals and doors. The following precautions should be taken until the authorities arrive

  • the drugs must not be touched
  • inform the local authorities, the P&I insurer and the local correspondent
  • photograph or video the location where the drugs were found
  • leave the area untouched
  • seal off the area to prevent unauthorised access.

    When broken seals are discovered and replaced by the crew, a record should be made in the logbook and the bill of lading together with a note of the relevant seal numbers. The relevant authorities should be notified in compliance with the SMS and/or SSP. Empty containers designated as empty should also be verified to be empty in compliance with the SMS and/or SSP.