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Gard Guidance Masters


A diversion, e.g. from the usual and customary route, may at times be unavoidable. If a diversion is intended, and if the circumstances allow, the Master must, in the first instance, seek instructions from the Company so that an assessment can be made as to whether the diversion could amount to a deviation, as explained in section 2.16.8 Diversion – deviation.

The Company may need to take out a separate deviation insurance covering cargo or passengers carried on board. The Company must, therefore, be informed to enable them to advise the insurers accordingly.

As substantial sums of money are often involved in connection with the deviation and claims may follow from the charterer or cargo interests for delay in delivery or any deterioration of the cargo, the Master is advised to keep

  • a detailed log from the time the deviation commences until the vessel is in the same or equidistant position
  • details of all the measures taken.