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It would exceed the framework of this publication to establish a detailed checklist for such bunkering operations. Such checklists would most probably interfere with those developed and established by the Company and the vessel under the SMS. Nevertheless some key points should be mentioned.

The basis for a successful bunkering operation is the full exchange of information prior to the commencement of any such operation. This exchange of information should at least contain the following

  • location, date and time of supply
  • whether bunkering is to take place on the roads
  • exact position where the bunker operation is to take place
  • acceptable weather, tide and swell conditions
  • exact specification and amount of bunkers required.

    Prior to the transfer of personnel or equipment, the bunker barge must be safely moored alongside. There must be safe access and safe delivery at all times during the transfer operations. The respective freeboards of both the vessel and the bunker barge must be taken into account, as they change with the progress of the bunker operations.

    A further exchange of information in writing should contain at least

  • communication methods (VHF or walkie talkie)
  • emergency arrangement
  • bunker transfer sequence with quantities, grades and pumping rates
  • sampling methods.