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Gard Guidance Masters TIMBER DECK CARGOES

The weight of some types of deck cargoes may be different from that shown in the cargo documents, e.g. timber deck cargoes. This may seriously affect the stability of the vessel. The Master is therefore advised to carefully check the weight of timber deck cargoes during loading by observing the vessel’s draught and also by performing rolling tests from time to time to ensure that the weight conforms with the details given. When timber deck cargoes are to be loaded, the Master is advised to refer to the IMO Code of Safe Practice for Ships carrying Timber Deck Cargoes (Res. A.715(17)).

Stanchions used for the carriage of timber deck cargoes require special attention and checks prior to loading to ensure that neither the stanchions nor the adjacent area shows any defects such as cracks etc., in which case the Master should call in the local P&I correspondent to assist.