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Gard Guidance Masters CARGO TACKLE

If the vessel has to supply cargo slings, wires, nets, spreaders and other tackle, the Master must before use ensure that
  • the crew carry out a careful check of the tackle and its condition under the supervision of a responsible officer
  • corroded, apparently unfit or otherwise defective tackle is removed and not used.

    Even if the vessel’s tackle is only used once, the consequences may be fatal if a wire parts, a spreader is out of alignment, or the tackle is not strong enough to lift the load. During cargo operations
  • constant monitoring is required of the state and condition of the cargo tackle used. Stevedores are sometimes less careful if the tackle belongs to the vessel rather than the stevedoring company
  • defective tackle should be removed immediately and replaced with new.

    If the cargo handling gear is damaged, the Master should immediately bring the matter to the attention of the stevedores’ foreman and serve a written protest. The Master should also advise the Company and the charterers.