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Gard Guidance Masters CARGO GEAR

If the vessel’s cargo gear is used for loading and discharging operations, the gear should
  • be in a proper working condition
  • be regularly maintained in accordance with the vessel’s planned maintenance schedule under the vessel’s SMS
  • be clearly marked showing the Safe Working Load (SWL) in sufficiently large markings
  • have overload protection that cannot be overridden when in operation.

    Blocks, shackles and all other gear should be well greased and properly maintained. Wires should be without hooks or protruding ends.

    Cargo gear certificates should be valid for at least the entire forthcoming voyage.

    If the vessel’s cargo gear is used by shore labour, such operations should be only permitted if the Master is satisfied that such labour is fully familiar with the vessel’s gear. The vessel’s gear should be in a safe state of readiness before use by shore labour, who should not be permitted to operate the gear, especially outside the safety limits, without authorisation from a responsible vessel’s officer. Limit key switches should not be left in the controls. The Master and his/her officers are advised to constantly monitor the operation, especially with a view to avoiding the SWL being exceeded. The competence of shore labour needs to be monitored and the operation should be stopped if there are any concerns in this regard. The Master should keep a record of the operation of the cargo gear by the shore labour which should include the date, times and any incidents which occurred during operation.

    The appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (please see section Safe working clothes – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)) should be worn by both shore workers and crew members.