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Fire control plans should be
  • up-to-date
  • permanently displayed in designated, prominent places
  • clearly readable; faded copies need to be replaced.

    If fire control booklets are provided to each officer instead of displaying fire plans, the Master should ensure that each officer is in possession of a booklet.

    The Master should also ensure that a copy of the fire control plan or booklet is stored in a prominently marked weather proof place outside the bridge to assist shore fire fighting personnel.

    Further checks should include ensuring that the following are in good working order
  • fire lockers and fire dampers
  • automatic fire and watertight doors
  • breathing apparatus
  • any other fire fighting equipment.

    International mandatory regulations require regular inspections to ensure that the following are in place and in a proper working condition
  • firemen’s outfits
  • fire extinguishers
  • fire hydrants
  • hoses and nozzles.

    If fire fighting appliances are under repair the Master should ensure that suitable back-up appliances are in place.

    In addition, the following must be functioning properly and be clearly audible and understood
  • public address systems
  • general alarm systems.