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Gard Guidance Masters


Before any training is undertaken or drills performed, the equipment to be used should be thoroughly examined to ensure that it is safe to use. There have been many tragic accidents, particularly during lifeboat drills and the utmost care must be exercised – please see section Safe working during drills and training.

Training and drills may reveal a need for further training ashore and this should be reported to the Company. Should the Master consider that additional training materials, e.g. videos, books, or posters are required, he/she should inform the Company accordingly.

The Master should not be too concerned if mistakes are made during training and drills as it is the best opportunity for each crew member to learn from their mistakes and to improve their skills.

Official inspections by port State control officers often focus on familiarisation with lifeboat and fire drills. The Master should ensure that the crew are not only well trained in these drills, but also well trained in operating emergency fire generators and pumps and are familiar with emergency procedures concerning

  • hot work incidents
  • galley emergencies
  • electrical incidents
  • incinerator problems
  • oil leaks and spills.