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Gard Guidance Masters


Medical care should be taken seriously. Infectious diseases are still commonplace. If the vessel is to trade to countries where infectious diseases are prevalent, the Master should ensure that sufficient supplies of appropriate medication are on board and recorded in the vessel’s medicine stores list. Prior to arrival in any such country, the Master should ensure that

  • all crew members are vaccinated as necessary or preventative medical treatment commenced, e.g. anti-malaria tablets
  • the prescribed medication is taken
  • air conditioning systems are set to internal recirculation
  • shore leave is restricted if necessary.

    The presence of any serious infection, including severe venereal diseases, may lead the Master to request the Company to arrange repatriation of the crew member concerned and ask for a substitute to prevent others being infected. The Master and/or the Company may receive a claim, should another crew member be infected due to lack of prompt action by the Master. There is also the risk of the vessel being quarantined, which may lead to the Company suffering financially and/or be exposed to liabilities, costs and expenses.