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Gard Guidance Masters


Gard aims to provide vessel operators and crew with practical loss prevention advice.

Gard’s vehicle for loss prevention is the “Gardyour…” concept, which consists of five distinct parts covering different areas. Every loss prevention product will belong to one of the following areas

  • Gardyourship: Navigation, hull and machinery
  • Gardyourpeople: Crew and passengers
  • Gardyourcargo: Cargo
  • Gardyourseas: Pollution
  • Gardyourclauses: Contracts and documents.

    Gard’s two main products available for vessels are the Loss Prevention Circulars and the Loss Prevention Compilations.

  • Loss Prevention Circulars
    These circulars are brief notices provided for Members and clients relating to important loss prevention topics that are of immediate importance. They address issues that are of importance for P&I, Hull and Machinery and Energy claims prevention. The circulars are sent out to clients of a separate mailing list and are available on Gard’s website.

  • Loss Prevention Compilations
    The compilations are booklets with material relating to various topics. They can contain Loss Prevention Circulars, Gard News articles and other advice and recommended practises.

    In the following parts of the book reference is made to various Loss Prevention Circulars, Loss Prevention Compilations and Gard News articles. Copies of this material can be obtained by contacting Gard’s Loss Prevention department. The address for the department and some of the material is available on Gard’s website,
    www.gard.no, in the loss prevention section.