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Gard Guidance Masters


Gard AS provides a 24 hour contingency service. Expertise is pooled in a contingency team trained to handle major incidents.

The emergency telephone numbers are:

For P&I:
International +47 90 52 41 00 National (Norway) 90 52 41 00

For Hull and Machinery:
International +47 90 92 52 00 National (Norway) 90 92 52 00

A catastrophic incident is defined as:

“A major threat involving personal injury, death, search or rescue, damage to property or to the marine environment”.

This could arise out of a collision, fire, grounding or pollution incident – the list is almost endless.

For all other incidents, the Master should, in addition to contacting the Company

  • contact the P&I and/or Hull and Machinery correspondent as soon as possible, or
  • contact one of Gard’s offices, or
  • call one of Gard’s out of office hours numbers.

    All contact details of Gard’s offices and employees, including direct e-mail addresses, can be found in

  • Gard Statutes and Rules
  • Gard List of Correspondents
  • Gard News
  • Gard’s website www.gard.no.