We offer comprehensive insurance solutions for shipowners and their different operations

Shipowners face an unprecedented set of challenges, anything from the current economic downturn and cargo issues, to the recruitment and retention of qualified crew and the threat of piracy.

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Crew Cover

The crew cover responds to a crew management company’s legal or contractual liability for crew members under contract and arising out of operations customarily carried out at the risk and responsibility of a shipowner. Crew managers, acting as principals, prefer to take out separate crew risk insurance in order to handle claims directly with their insurer. In addition, crew managers are occasionally not permitted to be co-insured under the owners’ P&I insurance, and therefore need to take out separate crew insurance. Gard’s crew cover is developed for these situations, and responds to the traditional crew liabilities.

Hull and machinery

One of the largest blue water hull insurers worldwide, we provide a range of customised products and services. The Hull and Machinery insurance covers the assured’s economic interest in the subject matter insured – namely the ship and its equipment. Cover offered subject to standard market conditions including the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013 latest version, and the English Institute Time Clauses Hulls 1/10/83. The scope of cover may also be tailored in accordance with the assured’s need for insurance.

Loss of hire

The loss of hire cover protects the shipowner from a daily loss of income arising from physical damage to the vessel. This loss can be caused by events such as damage to the vessel recoverable from the underlying hull & machinery cover, stranding of the vessel, physical obstruction preventing the vessel from leaving port, salvage or removal of damaged cargo and events giving rise to an allowance in General Average. The cover can also be extended to respond to loss of hire as a result of war or war like circumstances, and for non-physical blockage due to intervention by a state power.


The purpose of Protection and Indemnity (P&I) insurance is to shield the assured from the risk of third party liabilities arising from his maritime activities. Unlike loss insurance, P&I responds to liability for damage or loss which the assured has caused to others. This insurance, which was originally intended for shipowners only, emerged during the second half of the 19th Century when it was determined that a shipowner who had caused damage to another vessel in a collision could not fully recover his liability for damage to the other vessel under his own hull policy.

Total loss

Hull Interest insurance is a cover against actual total loss or constructive total loss. A total loss could leave the shipowner in a position where the hull value would be inadequate to cover the costs and expenses necessary to replace the lost vessel or ordering a new vessel. The Hull Interest cover allows the shipowner to have an expectation of returning to status quo in the event of a total loss, even taking into consideration the total capital value of the ship. Cover offered subject to standard market conditions including the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013 latest version and English standard conditions.


The war risks cover provides the shipowner with insurance against war perils during situations of war or war-like conditions. War perils are usually excluded under the standard Hull and Machinery conditions, so it is necessary for an assured to buy cover separately against war risks. Standard war cover is available on English terms and the Nordic Marine Insurance Plan of 2013 latest version.

Comprehensive carriers' liability cover

Gard’s Comprehensive Carrier’s Liability Cover responds to cargo both on and off the ship, covering a number of liabilities that fall outside standard P&I cover. The cover responds to liabilities in respect of cargo, lost or damaged property, personal injury and pollution caused by various risks like transhipment of cargo, land carriage of cargo, geographic and contractual deviations from contract voyage and contracting on terms more onerous than Hague-Visby standards. Further the cover can include liabilities arising under approved contracts with shipper and receivers of cargo, shipyards, clean-up contractors, sub-contractors etc.

Container and equipment cover

The Container Insurance is a property cover and responds to the damage to and loss of carrying equipment, and carrying equipment’s share of General Average/ Salvage contribution. The assured is covered for the loss, damage, cost or expense that have arisen out of the activities and/or operations customarily carried on by, or at the risk and responsibility of the assured in its capacity as an owner, lessee, or operator of containers and equipment. Limit up to USD 30 million per event available.

Defence cover

The Defence cover insures shipowners and charterers for legal and other costs incurred in establishing and defending claims. The Defence Policy covers legal and other costs necessarily incurred in establishing or defending claims which arise out of an event occurring during the period of entry of the ship in the Association in direct connection with the operation, acquisition or disposal of an entered ship, or in respect of the Member’s interests in the ship. The cover is at the sole discretion of the Association and the Association has the right to control or direct the conduct or handling of any case.

Divers' cover

The divers’ P&I cover was developed to meet the needs of our Members who employ commercial divers and have a P&I entry with the Association for specialist vessels or service units (entered in the MOU programme). The cover includes Assured’s liability as an employer arising from injury, illness or death suffered by its divers in the course of their employment, in addition to third party liabilities caused by the acts or omissions of the divers. The standard limit of cover is USD 25 million any one event.

Extended crew cover

Gard’s extended crew cover responds to employer’s liability for crew and personnel that fall outside standard P&I insurance. Examples are crew/personnel attending a ship not entered with Gard or crew and personnel remaining on board a ship not entered with Gard under standard P&I. The cover can be extended to include liabilities in respect of injury, illness or death of crew member’s spouse and children if the assured’s liability has arisen under a contract pre-approved by the Association or third party liabilities incurred by the crew or personnel where the crew is indemnified by the employer.

Extended loss of hire

This cover responds to loss of income caused by delay/detention of a ship that has not been physically damaged. The loss of income may arise from P&I events such as pollution spills resulting in third party property damage, stevedore personnel injury in connection with loading/unloading operations, cargo dispute leading to arrest of the vessel, denial of access to a place of refuge, delay in arrival or departure to or from scheduled port (except due to weather or ice conditions), saving persons at sea followed by intervention from the authorities and pirate seizure.

In addition, Gard has cover extensions for scrubbers. The extensions are available to owners and charterers with significant underlying covers with Gard. For further details see our brochure or contact your Gard Underwriter.

Ship managers' liability cover

The ship manager liability insurance responds to the ship manager’s liabilities arising from his negligence in performing the duties under the contract between the owner and the ship manager. Cover is available for liabilities towards the owner arising out of the activities and/or operations performed by or at the risk and responsibility of the assured in his capacity as a ship manager performing ship management functions as an agent of the owner (under a standard BIMCO SHIPMAN or CREWMAN).

Tour operators' passenger liability cover

This cover responds to the Assured’s passenger liabilities during pre and post journey, shore excursions and off-ship activities for illness, personal injury or death, loss of or damage to passenger’s property, delay in the carriage of the passenger, repatriation of the passenger and accommodation and maintenance on shore following such repatriation.