Gard has gained extensive experience in helping marine shipbuilders covering their complex liabilities in this area

Marine shipbuilders are responsible for the vessel during the entire construction process and face a range of liabilities throughout a long, and often complex process as the vessel is being built. Gard offers comprehensive insurance solutions for ship/offshore-yards world-wide. The same insurance solutions are also available for owners/buyers who seek cover for their construction projects.  


Lead role
We take pride in performing the role as leader for the policies underwritten by Gard.

We have a specialised team of claims handlers and adjuster dedicated to the builders’ risk team.


Shipbuilding contact

Marine builder’s risk team is located in Gard's Oslo office. Please contact:

Office phone: +47 24 13 22 50 Mobile phone: +47 99 29 22 50 Email:

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Builders’ risk cover for newbuildings and conversion projects

The builder’s risk cover provides the shipbuilder with sufficient cover for the risk exposures which can occur during the entire building or conversion process, from  “the first cutting of steel/keel laying” to the final delivery of the vessel/unit. We provide covers for different types of conventional vessels, yachts, naval vessel, offshore vessels and units such as FPSOs, FSOs, rigs/units and other specialised vessels.


Towage cover for marine units on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with yard policies. The product includes cover for both “wet”- and “dry tows”/heavy lift transports.

Scrap tows are excluded

Delay in delivery/Non delivery

Cover for yards when the vessel/unit is delayed/not delivered due to a covered incident during construction