Gard provides charterers liability cover to some of the largest charterers in the world

Charterers and traders need cover for all the liabilities inherent in their day-to-day operations, such as liabilities for personal injury and cargo, and those relating to major incidents like oil spills

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Cargo owners’/traders’ legal liability cover

Cover is available for chartered and non-chartered vessels for clients who have underlying Comprehensive Charterers' Cover with Gard. The cover can include risks like damage to hull caused by cargo traded by the assured (whether contractual or in tort), damage to berth/terminal/other property caused by cargo and certain contractual liabilities. Further the cover is available for all risks covered under the Comprehensive Charterers’ Cover, including personal injury, damage to property, wreck removal (including removal of cargo). Cargo owners’ cover restricted to pollution and pollution fines is also available. 

Comprehensive charterers’ liability cover

Gard is now the global leader in charterers’ liability insurance, providing cover to some of the world’s largest charterers. The combination of high limits, flexible terms and a worldwide service network has attracted many major charterers, particularly operators of oil, gas and chemical carriers, oil companies and commodities traders but also large dry bulk and container operators. Through continuous adaptation and enhancement, today’s cover offers a comprehensive and cost effective insurance arrangement for charterers of ships in trades where there is a need for catastrophe protection and high limits of cover.


The Defence cover insures charterers for legal and other costs incurred in establishing and defending claims. The Defence Policy covers legal and other costs necessarily incurred in establishing or defending claims which arise out of an event occurring during the period of entry of the ship in the Association in direct connection with the operation, acquisition or disposal of an entered ship, or in respect of the Member’s interests in the ship. The cover is at the sole discretion of the Association and the Association has the right to control or direct the conduct or handling of any case.

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Extended Defence for Cargo Owners / Traders and under Contracts of Affreightment (COA’s)

The Extended Defence cover is an extension to the Defence Cover and can include the Assured in his capacity as cargo owner whilst the cargo is carried on a ship or whilst being loaded or discharged from a ship. The cover will respond to freight, laytime, dispatch and/or demurrage disputes under sale contracts, loading, lightering, stowing, trimming or discharge of cargo and agency disputes. The Extended Defence cover is offered at lower sub-limits (USD 1 million per event, sub-limit 20 million in the aggregate). This cover does not respond to claims where there is a property damage of cargo 

Defence cover for Cargo Owners/Traders is also available for disputes under Contracts of Affreightment at the same sublimit of USD 1 million.

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Bunkers cover

Our bunkers’ cover is a good example of how we have widened our product range, offering time charterers cover for the loss of bunkers as well as bunkers’ contribution to general average. This cover minimises financial loss to the charterer and covers a wide range of risks, from total loss to crew negligence and collision. The insurance is offered on standard terms based on the Institute Bulk Oil Clauses 1.2.83., Institute War Clauses (Cargo) and Institute Strike Clauses (Cargo) 1.1.82.

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Container Insurance

The Container Insurance is a property cover and responds to the damage to and loss of carrying equipment, and carrying equipment’s share of General Average/ Salvage contribution. The assured is covered for the loss, damage, cost or expense that have arisen out of the activities and/or operations customarily carried on by, or at the risk and responsibility of the assured in its capacity as an owner, lessee, or operator of containers and equipment. Standard limits per event for any and all claims arising off the ship is USD 50 million and USD 30 million for any and all claims arising on the ship.

Comprehensive carriers’ cover

Gard’s Comprehensive Carrier’s Liability Cover responds to cargo both on and off the ship, covering a number of liabilities that fall outside standard P&I cover.

The cover responds to liabilities in respect of cargo, lost or damaged property, personal injury and pollution caused by various risks like transhipment of cargo, land carriage of cargo, geographic and contractual deviations from contract voyage and contracting on terms more onerous than Hague-Visby standards. Furthermore, the cover can include liabilities arising under approved contracts with shipper and receivers of cargo, shipyards, clean-up contractors, sub-contractors etc.

Charterers’ loss of use

Covering the charterer’s continuing obligation to pay hire to the shipowner under the terms of a charterparty in the event the charterer can not make use of the vessel. Liability resulting from delay caused by P&I events, and liability caused by external circumstances beyond charterers control (like denial of access to a place of refuge, imposed quarantine restrictions, delay in arrival or departure to or from scheduled port (except due to weather or ice conditions) and pirate seizure) would be covered.

Comprehensive general liability cover for offshore and specialist vessels (CGL)

Since there are certain restrictions which form the framework of the standard cover offered by the P&I Clubs of the International Group it became necessary for Gard to offer a separate “bolt on” insurance concept for Members to meet the various exclusions / limitations imposed on liabilities assumed in offshore contracts and during specialist operations. Gard believes that this combination of the standard P&I insurance and the integrated CGL Offshore Cover is superior to the alternative of multiple policies involving multiple underwriters.

Freight insurance (total loss only)

This insurance covers the Assured's loss of freight because the Assured is deprived of the use of the chartered ship as a result of the charterparty being legally cancelled due to the vessel being considered a total loss under the vessel's actual hull policy.