Gard delivers strong half-year results despite market adjustments


Gard today announced strong half-year results, particularly in the P&I market.


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Gard withstands market turbulence to deliver stand out insurance results


20 March 2023

Gard presented its annual results and its second integrated annual report today, showing that the group has delivered its best insurance performance in 15 years. Challenging investment markets meant that results overall ended close to break even.

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New Managing Director in Japan


Louis Shepherd has been appointed Managing Director of Gard (Japan) K.K. effective from 1 May 2023.

Strong renewal in a market seeking stability


Gard today announced yet another strong P&I renewal for 2023. Over the last 12 months, 17 million GT have been added, bringing the mutual tonnage to a total of 277 million GT. 99.4 per cent of the existing tonnage stayed with the club.

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Improved underwriting performance for the 2022 policy year


Despite financial and economic uncertainty, the Gard group has improved its insurance performance significantly in the last year. The investment losses reflect the challenging macroeconomic situation.

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Strong results in Gard’s first integrated annual report


For the first time, Gard is presenting an integrated annual report outlining its performance for the last financial year against a broad set of parameters, not only financial ones. By looking holistically at all its activities, Gard can measure the value it creates both for its Members and clients and for society at large. 

Record renewal and sustainable growth at Gard


21 February 2022

Gard today announced a record P&I renewal for 2022. Over the last 12 months, 14 million GT have been added, of which almost 80 percent – 11.1 million tonnes, came through at the renewal date. 99.6% of existing tonnage stayed with Gard, bringing the owners’ mutual tonnage to a total of 260 million GT.

Gard signs Poseidon Principles for Marine Insurance


Joining leading marine insurers in a landmark commitment to support shipping’s transition towards a decarbonised future.

Gard appoints new Managing Director for Hong Kong office


Gard announced today that André Werner Kroneberg will be replacing Mark Russell as Managing Director of the Hong Kong office from 1 January 2022. 

Half year result reflects industry trends


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For the first half of the 2021 financial year, the Gard group results have been negatively impacted by the continuing trend of large Pool claims, as well as COVID-19 related crew claims and pandemic-driven cost increases in hull, loss of hire and P&I casualty.

The Establishment of the «IML Gard Fund»


The Institute of Maritime Law and Gard are pleased to announce the establishment of the «IML Gard Fund», which was launched on 20 October in the presence of the Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of Southampton Professor Mark E. Smith, Mr Tim Howse, Vice President Industry Liaison, Gard, and Dr Alexandros X.M. Ntovas, Director of the Institute of Maritime Law.

Record renewal sees fleet consolidation at Gard


Gard today announced a strong 2021 P&I renewal in terms of both tonnage and pricing. Over the last 12 months, 17 million tonnes have been added, with the majority coming during the renewal period. This brings the total owners’ mutual tonnage to 246 million GT. 99.4% of existing tonnage stayed with Gard.

Premium reduction for Members despite first half loss


The Gard results have been negatively affected by several major incidents within the International Group Pool and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the shipping and financial markets.

Gard announces new Managing Director for London branch


3 June 2020 Gard announced today that Magne Nilsen will become the Managing Director of Gard (UK) Limited from 1 July 2020. He will take over from Thomas Nordberg who will return to Norway to take up a new position as Head of Claims Services reporting to the Chief Claims Officer.

Strong foundations from profitable 2019


Decision on payment of last instalment of premium deferred.

Gard announces ship recycling statement and support


4 March 2020 - Gard today announced both the publication of its statement on sustainable ship recycling and their sign-up to the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI).

Tonnage growth reflects stability in an unstable market


20 February 2020 - With the closing of the 2020 P&I renewal, Gard today announced that its net tonnage had increased by over 15 million in the last 12 months, with total owners’ mutual now in excess of 229 million GT. 99% of existing tonnage stayed with Gard.

Gard appoints head of London Defence team


28 January 2020 – Gard announced today that Marie Kelly has been appointed as Vice President, Defence and will head up the Defence team in London.