Meet Fredrik

Born 1977. From Arendal in Norway. Position: Senior Claims Adviser. Location: Arendal.


As a native of Arendal, Gard was a strong influence in my decision to study Maritime Law. Being able to move back here and work within an industry I find very interesting has been great.


In my current role, I am responsible for claims handling for a number of charterers and traders, who – although their primary business is not necessarily shipping, are involved in the shipping industry. So they might be oil companies, investment banks, utility companies etc.


We help our clients either when an accident has happened or in preventing a claim from occurring. We look at the facts, examine their legal rights and try to offer practical assistance if needed. My days are never dull, mainly because I never know what will happen next! Incidents that cause claims occur randomly, and there is always a new twist on what has happened before, so I leave nothing to chance in helping them when things go wrong.


I am also inspired by working with my colleagues across Gard, and being able to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience inside our organisation. It is also great to work for a company that allows me to use, develop and share my skills and knowledge. 


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Meet Monika

Born 1984. From Kosice in Slovakia. Position: Senior Manager/Team Leader. Location: Oslo.


I have worked for the offshore team since I joined Gard in 2011, starting with some of the liability claims and now covering a broader range including claims for damage to property and P&I. The expectations and needs of our Members and clients differ, so they need us to be accessible, ready to provide our support and expertise whenever called upon and able to keep good and open communication channels.


During my time with Gard, I have learned the more practical side of claims handling, including understanding the technical aspects as well as the economic interests at stake. I have also built a great network within the energy insurance market. Recently, I have been promoted to Manager, and my responsibilities have shifted slightly so that I am facilitating the professional and personal development of our people and teams.


Gard is a knowledge-based company, and I am privileged to work with very talented people and this motivates and inspires me. It is an exciting place to work and has a unique culture with a short distance between words and action that makes it very dynamic. I look forward to further transformation of Gard in the years to come.



Meet Gisle

Born 1980. From Søgne in Norway. Senior Underwriter/Lawyer Offshore. Location: Arendal


I joined Gard in 2007 and my first role was in the London office where I was employed as a legal assistant – having studied law at the University of Oslo and specialised in international law at the University of Queensland, Australia. I worked with the Defence, P&I claims and underwriting teams for three months each, which gave me a great platform to get to know the organisation, the people and the core business areas.

Today I work in the offshore team as a Senior Underwriter/Lawyer in Arendal and I am responsible for managing the portfolio of existing Members and developing new business opportunities in Europe, Africa, North America, and Russia. The insurance needs of our members in the offshore segment vary greatly; from small family owned setups to oil majors. I enjoy the travelling and diversity, both for the varied day to day tasks and the tailored approach.


To me Gard is all about the mix of a great working environment and exciting work. Working as a team and competing for business in a competitive global market is both a lot of fun and very rewarding, especially when we get the business.