Meet Claudia

Team Leader, KYC Advisory Team in Arendal


Claudia first joined Gard as an underwriter but has also worked in the compliance department. In 2022 she became a Team Leader in Gard’s KYC Advisory Team.


“The legal and regulatory landscape is constantly changing, so having hands-on and up-to-date expertise is vital to ensure that we provide the best possible advice and guidance,” she says.


“The marine industries are evolving, and it’s interesting to be part of this development. You never stop learning and growing,” she adds.

“Even though Gard’s main office is located in a small town in Norway, we are an international company and a market leader within our segment. So, you kind of get the best of both worlds.”


Our employees

Meet Nick

Senior Claims Executive in Bergen


Nick joined our Marine Claims department in Bergen back in 2015. As a Senior Claims Executive, his role is varied, touching on marine engineering, law, shipping logistics, and insurance adjusting.

“In addition comes the ‘soft’ skills, such as negotiations and presentations. It is a varied and challenging role, often of a very international flavour,” Nick adds. He sees Gard as a ‘proud yet humble’ organisation, where knowledge-sharing and integrity are core values.

“We strive to deliver over and above expectations and we are renowned for being pragmatic and easy to do business with. Also, the potential for personal development is excellent, not least  

due to the huge amount of marine insurance experience gathered under one roof.” 


Meet Vivek

Senior Systems Engineer in Arendal


Vivek first started working as a consultant for Gard and later became a full-time part of the Gard infrastructure and operations team.

“It’s an interesting and challenging job, where you get to work with a lot of different technologies,” he says.

Insurance is no longer ‘only’ about underwriting, claims and finance. A growing part of Gard’s inhouse competencies are related to technology and digitalization. 

“We are increasingly implementing new, state-of-the-art technology in all parts of the business. And while our tech team used to be quite small, we are now expanding and really investing in this.”

Has he regretted moving from India to Scandinavia?

“No. That’s one of the great things about Gard – you will continue to work with people from all over the world. We are diverse, but tightly connected.” 



Meet Zirui

Claims Executive in Singapore


Zirui joined Gard in 2019 right after having graduated from university. As a Deputy Claims Executive, she works closely together with colleagues, as well as with Members and clients, to make sure that we find the best possible solutions when accidents strike or something goes wrong.

 “It’s an interesting and very rewarding job. I like the breadth and diversity of the knowledge that I learn and being able to assist our members and clients in their day-to-day operations. It’s also really nice working with people from so many different nations – Gard is a truly diverse and ‘open culture’ organisation,” Zirui adds.   


Meet Marie

Vice President Defence in London


Marie joined our London team in 2020, coming from a law firm where she had been partner and head of a litigation team for several years. She has extensive experience working with shipping and marine law.

“I have an amazingly varied role,” Marie says. “Gard is a forward-looking company, so it is not just a question of dealing with specific cases but also about looking at more strategic issues, such as what are the risks for our Members and clients going forward.”

She describes Gard as a friendly and team-driven company. “We work well together, not just within our own teams but across the organisation and with colleagues from different countries. It’s a nice and welcoming place to work,” she adds.