This statement is made by the directors of Gard(UK)Ltd to demonstrate fulfilment with their duty to promote the success of the company in accordance with section 172 of the Companies Act 2006.


Section (172) statement
This statement fulfils the requirements pursuant to section 414CZA of the Companies Act 2006 and explains how the Directors have had regard during the year to the following matters as set out in Section 172 of the Act:

  • Long-term results
  • Our workforce
  • Our business relationships
  • The community and our environment
  • Our reputation
  • Fairness between our stakeholders

The Statement describes how the Directors have fulfilled their responsibilities and duties by incorporating information from other areas of the Strategic Report in the Financial Statements to avoid unnecessary duplication. The Board considers that the statement focuses on those risks and opportunities that were of strategic importance to Gard (UK) Limited consistent with the size and complexity of the Company.

In the performance of its duty to promote the success of the company, the Board has regard to a number of matters, including listening to and considering the views clients, brokers and the company’s other key stakeholders have. Building trust and ensuring it understands the potential impacts of the decisions it makes for the stakeholders, the environment and the communities in which we operate.

Engagement with the company’s main stakeholder groups, including our clients, brokers, suppliers and employees, at all levels of the organisation and across the enterprise are summarised in the Financial Statement, the Gard Group Governance Manual and the Gard Group Sustainability Report. The governance architecture and processes that Gard (UK) Limited operated to ensure that all relevant matters are considered by the Board in its principal decision-making, as a means of contributing to the delivery of the Gard Group’s long-term priorities and strategy. The below summarises the issues, factors and the stakeholders, directors and the board have considered relevant, for disclosure in complying with Section 172 (1) (a) to (f) of the Act set out in more detail, given the importance to Gard (UK) Limited.

(A)  Long-term results for Gard (UK) Limited
The Board has given due consideration to the likely consequences of decisions and has reached its decisions with a view to promoting the long term and sustainable success of its business and has implemented strategy through the management team to achieve its goals.

(B)  Our workforce
The Directors have carefully considered the role as responsible leaders and have actively sought employee engagement through weekly team meetings, delegation of projects and promoting our culture of fair and flexible solutions. The Directors consider the policies, practices and accommodate requests as far as possible to ensure the employees with the best flexible working solutions. A new diversity and inclusion policy has been adopted and all employees were encouraged tio participate in an anoynomous workplace survey managed by an independent third party. The board is awaiting feedback in order to consider any action points as a result of the findings. There has been a focus on mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic with the training of two mental health first aiders. A weekly online social event has been organised for employees during office hours to maintain connections and moral during the working at home period. A covid health and safety risk assessment of the physical office was conducted by a third party and recommendations have been implemented.

A number of new recruits (replacing natural turnover and succession planning) have been sucessfully onboarded during the closure of the office due to the pandemic.

(C)  Our business relationships
The Board has supported and encouraged the increased participation by employees of various experience and levels in industry forums in order to further develop business relationships in line with the overall group strategy. Interactions with clients and professional service providers have been successfully maintained and enhanced via regular online meetings, presentations and webinars. We continue to follow the Gard Groups, Code of Conduct when interacting with clients.

(D)  The community and our environment – how do Gard (UK) Limited operations impact the community and environment
The Gard Group introduced a Sustainability Report in June 2020 where Gard (UK) Limited reports on its own carbon footprint; of note the monitoring of general suppliers and their sustainable approach to products and employees will be examined more closely in due course.

Gard (UK) Limited and the Gard Group in general continue to invest considerable time and resources in developing its role as a positive driver for sustainable development and have supported participation in industry initiatives. The Board has supported the sponsorship of Sea Cadet Training and establishing closer relationships with maritime education and training institutions.

(E)  Our reputation for high standards of business conduct
The Board are committed to continue our high standards of integrity and business conduct. The Board has paid particular attention to its duties under the Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR) scheme and has conducted an annual fitness and proprietary assessment of relevant individuals.

(F)  Fairness between our shareholders
Gard (UK) Limited follows the overall group business strategy. There is close co-operation with the Gard Group Leadership Team. Gard (UK) Limited is wholly owned within the Gard group and the Directors act solely in the interest of the company.