As a global company, present with 13 offices around the world, we recognise that we can play a positive role in the communities where we operate.

Gard aims to be a responsible corporate citizen, engaging in partnerships, philanthropy, and charitable giving. We believe we can achieve the best results by applying our resources and expertise to solving problems we understand and in which we have a stake. We therefore have a specific focus on marine issues, while at the same time striving to have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Gard partnerships

We engage in a series of partnerships across the globe, all based on our business strategy and our sustainability goals. As an example, Gard is an official partner of the Norwegian Red Cross, aiming to support and strengthen the Red Cross’s humanitarian work while increasing the knowledge and engagement among our employees about the humanitarian situation in the areas where we operate. Gard is also a partner to the UN Global Compact, the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network and the Global Maritime Forum, among others.

Gard corporate donations

Gard also has a long tradition of contributing to local communities. In particular, we have focused on education and training, culture and the environment. We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise to continuously raise standards and improve learning.

Twice a year, Gard makes donations to organisations or charitable causes that share this view.

Would you like support from Gard? Please fill out our donation application form, the application must be submitted before 1st of March and 1st of September. To learn more about the application process and the terms and conditions that apply, follow this link.