Since its foundation in 1907, Gard has grown and prospered for one reason: by staying close to its clients


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“The undersigned sailing shipowners believe that one should, like the steamship owners, through co-operation protect ourselves against the same risks and liabilities....”

-- the invitation to join Gard in 1907


“Accidents will happen, but the identification of risks, and the possible ways to reduce and prevent them, are key priorities for everyone at Gard.”

Lai Herlofson, CEO of Gard (1970-1995).

Creating Gard

Gard’s creation and evolution are closely linked to the development of the modern shipping and insurance industries. Founded in Arendal in Norway to underwrite only the P&I risks of sailing vessels, it soon widened its remit to accept steamships and tankers – and then expanded into the offshore energy and hull and machinery markets. It is now the largest marine insurer in the world, and is able to offer shipowners and operators, shipyards, contractors and oil companies a breadth and choice of products not available anywhere else in one place. 

Security even in the most turbulent of times

Gard – meaning “the one who guards” – is a singularly appropriate name for an insurance provider. From its inception, Gard has offered robust protection against the mounting cost of potential liabilities.

As the global economic and legislative environment has shifted, so Members and clients have always relied on Gard’s 

first class financial security to protect them against the risks that concern them, and to compensate them promptly for their losses.

We now have the highest security rating in the marine market so, when an extreme loss occurs, our Members and clients know we have resources required to stand firmly behind them. 

A mutual mindset underpins everything we do

From the original 17 shipowners who became the founders of Gard, sharing risk and reward has always been at the core of what we do. From the very beginning, we have focussed entirely on the maritime industries – providing real depth to the contribution we make.

Each Member bears a share of the burden when bad luck strikes and, through the International Group of P&I Clubs, we pool resources to offer increased levels of protection. 

A continuous investment in the right skills and tools 

One of the key components in Gard’s history is that its people have always been rooted in the industry they serve. From its birth, in what was then the maritime centre of Norway, Gard has recruited and retained experts whose depth of knowledge made them uniquely placed to share expertise and experience both before and after an event.

We have also always invested in our intellectual capital; whether that was founding a technical department in the 1950s, launching a loss prevention newsletter in the 1970s or creating Gard Academy in 2002 –we aim to create and share best practices both internally and externally. 

Help wherever you need it  

From its birthplace in Arendal in Norway, Gard has become now a truly global operation. It first spread its roots to Oslo and Bergen, and then expanded to London and the US in the inter-war period.

Now, with 13 offices around the world and employing many nationalities and cultures – accessing help from Gard is simple and straightforward. We can deliver the right skill set to the right place at the right time. Everything we do is about getting you back to “business as usual”.