Job opportunities

In order to maintain and strengthen our position as the world’s leading marine insurer, we need talented people who can add to our over 100 years of experience and expertise.

We need people who can match our dedication and commitment to deliver value to our clients. Up for the challenge? Good, we look forward to hearing from you.


Working with us

With over a century of experience from the maritime insurance industry, and employees who themselves have witnessed the impact the sea can have, we have learnt a thing or two. And we strive to learn something new every day, to better prepare our clients for their next journey. So whenever the unexpected arises it's good to know that someone is set, willing and able. Someone with expertise that has been refined for more than a hundred years. 

But while all this competence is a valuable asset, we’ve learnt that it’s not enough. And it’s not what makes us the market leader. It’s only when we pair our expertise with unrivalled commitment we can deliver what our clients say is the best value in the market. We will turn every stone to find a solution. And see it carried through. We will stand by your side to do the job, and do it right. Until it’s done. You will be taken care of. It’s what we promise, and we keep our promises.

Such ability and dedication is rare, but we find it in people who understand that luck isn’t a factor. So we take great care in choosing, training and supporting our employees. The way we see it, our people are the difference between good and great.

At Gard you will find people who leave nothing to chance. If you’re that kind of a person, we would love to hear from you.