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Gard News 189, February/April 2008

ICS and ISF publish guidance for ensuring compliance with MARPOL.

The International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and the International Shipping Federation (ISF) have published a new leaflet: “Shipping Industry Guidance on Environmental Compliance – A framework for ensuring compliance with MARPOL”. The framework is intended to be used by shipowners and operators as a template for review of company environmental compliance programmes. The framework is supported by BIMCO, Intertanko, Intercargo, OCIMF and SIGTTO.

The guidance document includes such topics as management responsibility, corporate and individual responsibility, training, awareness and competence, waste stream analysis and budget, technical equipment, control devices, documentation, internal reporting, external reporting and audit systems. While each company must compose and execute its own environmental compliance programme in conformity with its culture and needs, all programmes should address the components set out in the ICS/ISF framework.

In introducing the framework, ICS and ISF acknowledge the prosecution of companies, particularly in the United States, for MARPOL violations and comment that “prosecuting authorities have identified the absence of a systematic approach to identifying and managing compliance with environmental requirements as a common failure”. The framework is a tool for companies to use in reviewing their own practices and determine any additional steps that may be needed to ensure compliance with environmental protection obligations. The guidance is relevant to preventing all forms of pollution but can be read in conjunction with the “Shipping Industry Guidance on the Use of Oily Water Separators”, also published by ICS/ISF. Gard commends both documents to members. Both can be downloaded at www.marisec.org/environmental-compliance.


Gard News 189, February 2008/April 2008

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