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Updated 11 August 2020

Following the initial closure of the port of Beirut after the recent explosion, some container operations have now resumed where vessels have been allowed to discharge their cargo at the local container terminal. 

On 4 August 2020 at around 1800 local time, a large explosion in the Beirut port area destroyed the entire port infrastructure and killed over 100 people and injured thousands. The severity of the explosion was said to be comparable to an earthquake.

The explosion was caused by 2,750 MT of confiscated ammonium nitrate stored in the port warehouse. Unfortunately, some Gard entered vessels in the port at the time were impacted by the explosion, but no shipboard fatalities have been reported on board the affected vessels.

The office of our local correspondent’s, Maurice G. Mouracade & Co, suffered some damage, however, no serious personal injuries have been reported to any of our correspondents and the office remains open.

According to our correspondents, the port of Beirut is closed for a minimum period of 14 days which could be extended until port facilities have been restored. The majority of traffic for the port is being diverted to the port of Tripoli, Lebanon although we understand some container operations have resumed where vessels have been allowed to discharge the cargo at the local container terminal. 

We would like to thank our correspondents, Maurice G. Mouracade & Co., for their prompt response in difficult circumstances and wish them a speedy recovery.