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These are challenging times for the maritime industry and the society at large. The early detection, prevention and control of COVID-19 cases onboard ships must therefore continue to be a number one priority, to protect the health of crews and passengers and to avoid further transmission of the virus.

Web-based assessment tool

To support medical officers onboard, Gard has financially sponsored the development of a simple online tool to aid the assessment and management of COVID-19 cases onboard ship. The webpage is aimed at officers who are responsible for medical treatment on board ships and mobile offshore units. Its aim is to help them assess and treat persons who might have Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

The medical information in this website is provided by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine (NCMDM), Department of Occupational Medicine at Haukeland University Hospital in Bergen. 

The advice provided in the tool about treatment relates to standard medicines and equipment which should be available on board according to international regulations.


By using this link you are entering a website operated by Youwell AS, which is not owned, controlled or operated by Gard AS and/or its subsidiaries. Gard AS has financially sponsored the creation of this Covid-19 application provided by the Norwegian Centre for Maritime and Diving Medicine (NCMDM), Department of Occupational Medicine, Haukeland University Hospital. Gard does not provide medical advice or treatment. We make no endorsements or representations about the information and services provided on this third party website, and are not responsible or liable for damages relating to the access or use of the website, including any of its content, services and the privacy policies or practices.

Further information

Managing COVID-19 cases onboard

A number of government agencies, industry stakeholders and medical experts have now published guidelines providing support to operators and crews on how to manage suspect COVID-19 cases onboard ships. In this article we summarise some their key recommendations.

COVID-19 topic page

A compilation of links to some relevant websites and guidelines, and Gard material that may assist ship operators, masters and crews to stay alert and prepare and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.