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We are pleased to advise that the CHIRP 2017 Annual Digest, co-sponsored by Gard, is now available. 

The Digest published by CHIRP, the UK Confidential Hazardous Incident Report Programme, contains articles which have been released by CHIRP in their magazine throughout the year as well as additional Insight articles written by members of the CHIRP board. By sharing information on the incidents reported to them, CHIRP aims to help people learn from the incidents and to contribute to the enhancement of maritime safety worldwide. CHIRP provides a totally independent confidential reporting system for all individuals employed in or associated with the maritime industries industries. 

Please find below links to the Digest in PDF and Flip Book formats as well as a link to the Digest webpage which also contains some additional material.

CHIRP Annual Digest 2017 (PDF)

CHIRP Annual Digest 2017 (Flip Book)

CHIRP Annual Digest 2017 webpage