• Piracy in Asia – situation update


    21 FEB 2017

    The piracy situation in the sea area between Sabah, Malaysia and the Southern Philippines continues to be a concern and all vessels are advised to report to the relevant authorities prior entering or passing the Sibutu Passage and Sulu-Celebes Sea.

  • 20/2016: STOPIA 2006 (as amended 2017) and TOPIA 2006 (as amended 2017) – 2017 amendments


    20 FEB 2017

    The International Group initiated a review at the start of 2016, with the participation of the 1992 Fund Secretariat and the OCIMF. The outcome of the review initiated by the International Group at the start of 2016 highlighted that the total cost of claims paid by shipowners under the system in this ten year period was significantly higher than the total cost of claims paid by cargo contributors in the same period. However, following consultation with ICS and Intertanko, the International Group decided on this occasion not to implement any of the measures in the Agreements to adjust the financial burden. 

  • 19/2016: Reinsurance arrangements for the 2017 policy year arranged through the International Group of P&I Clubs


    15 FEB 2017

    This Circular sets out the reinsurance arrangements for the 2017 policy years for P&I entries with Gard. 

  • Maintaining confidentiality for communications with your attorney – comparing and contrasting American and English law


    08 FEB 2017

    Gard assureds may face demands from regulators, authorities and claimants for data and documents following a casualty. Serious casualties will likely result in litigation or administrative action with exposure for large fines or civil judgments. The assured will require effective assistance of a lawyer to provide legal advice and, to provide it, the lawyer will require full and honest communication with his or her client. Confidentiality of their communication is firmly established in common law. When the representation involves a corporation, we find a significant difference between American and English law.

  • US - Executive Order on Immigration put on hold


    01 FEB 2017

    Updated 7 February 2017

    The US immigration ban affecting crew members carrying Iraqi, Syrian, Sudanese, Iranian, Somalian, Libyan or Yemeni passports has been temporarily suspended.