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Rule 5 Certificate of Entry

1 After an entry has been accepted, the Association shall issue a Certificate of Entry which shall evidence the terms and conditions of the contract of insurance.

2 The following provision will be deemed to be incorporated into all Certificates of Entry:

"This Certificate of Entry is evidence only of the contract of indemnity insurance between the above named Member(s) and the Association and shall not be construed as evidence of any undertaking, financial or otherwise, on the part of the Association to any other party.

In the event that a Member tenders this Certificate as evidence of insurance under any applicable law relating to financial responsibility, or otherwise shows or offers it to any other party as evidence of insurance, such use of this Certificate by the Member is not to be taken as any indication that the Association thereby consents to act as guarantor or to be sued directly in any jurisdiction whatsoever. The Association does not so consent."

3 If the Association and a Member shall at any time agree a variation in the terms and conditions of the contract of insurance the Association shall issue an endorsement note stating the terms of such variation and the date from which such variation is to be effective.