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Rule 67 Payment first by Member

1 Unless the Association shall in its absolute discretion otherwise determine, it is a condition precedent to a Member's right to recover from the Association in respect of any liability, loss, cost or expense that he shall first have discharged or paid the same.

2 The Association shall not be obliged to compensate a Member for a payment made to a third party unless the Member's liability to make that payment has been determined by:

a) a final judgement or order of a competent court; or

b) a final arbitration award (if settlement of the dispute by arbitration was agreed upon before the dispute arose, or was, with the consent of the Association, agreed upon subsequently); or

c) a final settlement of the dispute approved by the Association.

3 Notwithstanding sections 1 and 2 above, where a Member has failed to discharge a legal liability to pay damages or compensation for personal injury, illness or death of a member of the Crew, the Association shall discharge or pay such claim on the Member's behalf directly to such member of the Crew or dependent thereof, provided always that;

a) the member of the Crew or dependent has no enforceable right of recovery against any other party and would otherwise be uncompensated;

b) the amount payable by the Association shall under no circumstances exceed the amount which the Member would otherwise have been able to recover from the Association under the Rules and the Member's terms of entry; and

c) with regard to liability, costs and expenses falling within Rule 19.2 above any payment made by the Association shall be made as agent only of the Member, and the Member shall be liable to reimburse the Association for the full amount of such payment.