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Rule 29 Fines

1 The Association shall cover fines imposed upon the Member in respect of the Vessel by any court, tribunal or other authority of competent jurisdiction for or in respect of any of the following:

a) failure to comply with regulations concerning the declaration of goods, or documentation of cargo, provided that the Member is insured by the Association for cargo liability under Rule 26;

b) breach of any immigration law or regulations;

c) the accidental escape or discharge from the vessel of oil or any other substance, provided that the Member is insured for pollution liability by the Association under Rule 25;

d) smuggling or any infringement of any custom law or regulation other than in relation to cargo carried on the vessel.

2 The Association may, in its sole discretion, cover in whole or in part

a) a fine other than those listed in Rule 29.1 above imposed upon the Member, provided the Member has satisfied the Association that he took steps as appear to the Association to be reasonable to avoid the event giving rise to the fine or penalty;
b) any fine imposed not upon the Member but the master or Crew member of the Vessel or on any other servant or agent of the Member or on another party, provided that the Member has been compelled by law to pay or reimburse such fine or that the Association determines that it was reasonable for the Member to have paid or reimbursed the same.

3 The Association shall be under no obligation to give reasons for its decision pursuant to Rule 29.2 above.