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Rule 23 Collision with vessels

1 The Association shall cover liability to pay damages to any other person incurred as a result of a collision with another vessel, if and to the extent that such liability is not covered under the Hull Policies, provided that

a) the Member shall not be entitled to recover from the Association any deductible borne by him under the Hull Policies; and

b) the cover under this Rule shall exclude liability in respect of persons or property on board the Vessel.

2 Unless otherwise agreed between the Member and the Association as a term of the Vessel's entry in the Association, if both vessels are to blame, then where the liability of either or both of the vessels in collision becomes limited by law, claims under Rule 23.1 shall be settled upon the principle of single liability, but in all other cases claims under this Rule shall be settled upon the principle of cross-liabilities, as if the owner of each vessel had been compelled to pay the owner of the other vessel such proportion of the latter's damages as may have been properly allowed in ascertaining the balance or sum payable by or to the Member in consequence of the collision.