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Rule 9 Survey

1 The Association may at any time during the period of entry appoint a surveyor to inspect the Vessel on behalf of the Association.

2 Where the Vessel has been laid-up for a period exceeding six months, the Member shall give the Association not less than seven days’ notice prior to the Vessel leaving the place of lay-up for recommissioning, to afford the Association an opportunity to inspect the Vessel pursuant to Rule 9.1.

3 Should the Member refuse to co-operate in an inspection under Rule 9.1, the Association will thereafter be liable only to the extent that the Member can prove that any liability, loss, cost or expense is not attributable to defects in the Vessel that would have been detected in the course of an inspection under Rule 9.1.

4 Where an inspection reveals matters which, in the sole discretion of the Association, represent a deficiency in the Vessel, the Association may exclude specified liabilities, losses, costs and expenses from the cover until the deficiency has been repaired or otherwise remedied.