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Rule 8 Classification and certification of the Vessel

1 Unless otherwise agreed in writing, it shall be a condition of the insurance of the Vessel that:

a) the Vessel shall be and remain throughout the period of entry classed with a classification society approved by the Association;

b) the Member shall promptly call to the attention of that classification society any incident, occurrence or condition which has given or might have given rise to damage in respect of which the classification society might make recommendations as to repairs or other action to be taken by the Member;

c) the Member shall comply with all the rules, recommendations and requirements of that classification society relating to the Vessel within the time or times specified by the society;

d) the Association is authorised to inspect any documents and obtain any information relating to the maintenance of class of the Vessel in the possession of any classification society with which the Vessel is or has at any time been classed prior to and during the period of insurance and such classification society or societies are authorised to disclose and make available such documents and information to the Association upon request by it and for whatsoever purpose the Association in its sole discretion may consider necessary;

e) the Member shall immediately inform the Association if, at any time during the period of entry, the classification society with which the Vessel is classed is changed and advise the Association of all outstanding recommendations, requirements or restrictions specified by any classification society relating to the Vessel as at the date of such change;

f) the Member shall comply or procure compliance with all statutory requirements of the state of the Vessel's flag relating to the construction, adaptation, condition, fitment, equipment, manning, safe operation, security and management of the Vessel and at all times shall maintain or procure the maintenance of the validity of such statutory certificates as are issued by or on behalf of the state of the Vessel's flag in relation to such compliance.

2 The Association shall notify the Member when it intends to inspect classification documents or request information documents or request information from a classification society in accordance with Rule 8.1.d.

3 The Member shall not be entitled to any recovery from the Association in respect of any claim arising during a period when the Member is not fulfilling or has not fulfilled the conditions in Rule 8.1.