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Appendix I Additional insurances

The additional insurances to which reference is made in this Appendix are intended to assist Members and those that work closely with Members in circumstances in which the Standard P&I Cover that is provided by the Association under the Rules does not provide full and complete cover. In some instances, the additional cover is provided by the Association itself1 whereas, in other instances, the Association may be able to arrange additional insurance for the Member with other insurers, e.g. shipowner’s liability (SOL) cover for deviation risks which is placed in the commercial market.

Some insurances are intended to protect all Members against risks that have traditionally been excluded from the Standard P&I Cover, e.g. the Deviation liability cover for deviation risks. However, in other cases, the additional cover is designed to protect a particular class of Member against risks that affect that particular class, but not all Members, e.g. the Comprehensive Charterers’ Liability Cover, or a particular class of organisations that work closely with Members but are not Members, e.g. the Crew managers cover.

1 Introduction
Additional insurances set out in this Appendix shall be subject to the Rules for P&I and Defence cover of Ships and other floating structures (the Rules) save to the extent to which any of such Rules are inconsistent with the terms and conditions expressly agreed between the Member and the Association.

Paragraph 1 makes it clear that additional insurances will also be subject to the Association’s Standard Rules on P&I and Defence cover unless and to the extent that such Rules are not consistent with any terms and conditions that have been expressly agreed between the Association as Insurer and the Member as Assured under the particular additional insurance.

2 War Risks
The Association has arranged an additional war risk insurance for the benefit of its Members. The details of this additional war risk insurance will be set out in a separate circular to the Members.

For further details see the Guidance to Rule 58.

3 Other additional insurances
The Association may on terms and conditions expressly agreed between the Member and the Association provide or assist in arranging other additional insurances for a number of liabilities or risks not covered under the Rules. Further information is available from the Association’s underwriting department.


See the guidance to the Additional Covers for further commentary on the Comprehensive Carrier’s Liability Cover (CCC), the Extended Crew Cover (ECR), the Deviation Liability Cover, the Crew Manager’s Cover and the Bunkers Cover, and the Association’s website (www.gard.no/Products/shipowners) for details of the other additional covers that are available.

1 See the Guidance to the Additional Covers.