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APPENDIX II ADDITIONAL INSURANCE - War risks P&I insurance for mobile offshore units

The Association has arranged additional War Risk P&I Insurance (the “War Risk P&I Cover”) for the benefit of Members insured for P&I risks pursuant to the Rules for P&I cover for Mobile Offshore Units. The terms and conditions for this additional War Risk P&I Cover are as follows:

General terms

The War Risks P&I Cover afforded is subject to the Rules for P&I cover for Mobile Offshore Units (the “Rules”), save that the war risks exclusion in Rule 54 shall not apply.

Scope of cover

The War Risks P&I Cover shall apply to liabilities, losses, costs and expenses as set out in Part II, chapter 1, of the Rules caused by war risks as defined in Rule 54. Such cover will only include liability or loss in excess of the amounts recoverable under the Vessel’s Hull and Machinery and/or Crew/Marine War Risks Insurance and any P&I inclusion clauses applicable thereto, but subject always to any special terms of entry agreed between the Association and the individual Member and set out in the relevant Vessel’s Certificate of Entry. The maximum limit of cover is equal to the maximum policy limit for P&I risk.

Bio – Chem Risks and Computer virus exclusion

War Risks P&I Cover shall in no case cover loss, damage, liability or expense directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from any chemical, biological, biochemical or electromagnetic weapon.

Notice of Cancellation – Automatic Termination of Cover

The War Risks P&I cover is subject to the Institute Notice of Cancellation, Automatic Termination of Cover and War and Nuclear Exclusions Clause - Hulls etc. CL359 dated 1 January 1995. This means that the cover can be terminated upon the Associations giving 7 - seven - days’ notice of their intention to do so. In certain circumstances the cover will terminate automatically.