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Rule 88 Payments and undertakings to third parties

1 The Association shall be under no obligation to provide any guarantee, certificate, bail or other security or undertaking ("security") for or on behalf of a Member, or to pay the costs of such provision.

2 The Association may at its discretion provide security or pay the cost of such provision in relation to liabilities within the scope of a Member's cover, and may recover any costs incurred thereby from the Member.

3 The Member shall indemnify the Association for any liability the Association may incur to a third party under or in connection with any security issued by the Association for or on behalf of the Member and for any payment made by the Association to a third party for or on behalf of the Member (irrespective of whether that liability was incurred, or that payment was made during or after the period of the Member's insurance by the Association), save to the extent that, had that third party pursued its claims in respect of the relevant liability against the Member rather than against the Association, or had that payment been made by the Member rather than by the Association, the Member would have been entitled to reimbursement pursuant to these Rules.