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Rule 82 Obligations with respect to claims

1 A Member shall:

a) promptly notify the Association of any event which may give rise to a claim upon the Association, and of any formal enquiry into a loss or casualty involving the Ship;
b) upon the occurrence of any event which may give rise to a claim upon the Association, take and continue to take all such steps as may be reasonable, including the preservation of any right of recourse against a third party, for the purpose of averting or minimising any liability, loss, cost or expense in respect whereof he may be insured by the Association;
c) notify and, if possible, consult the Association prior to taking any action as described in Rule 82.1(b) above;
d) promptly provide the Association with all documents and information which may be relevant to such event and which are required to enable the Association to determine whether the event is covered according to these Rules;
e) allow the Association or its appointees to interview any person who in the opinion of the Association may have knowledge relevant to the event;
f) not without the prior consent of the Association admit liability for or settle any claim for which he may be insured by the Association.

2 If a Member commits a breach of any of these obligations:

a) the Association may reject any claim, or reduce the sum payable, in relation to such event; and
b) the Member shall reimburse to the Association such part of any costs or expenses incurred by the Association in relation to such event as the Association shall determine.

3 The Association shall have the right if it so decides to control or direct the conduct of any claim or legal or other proceedings relating to any liability, loss, cost or expense in respect whereof the Member is or may be insured, in whole or in part, and to instruct, on behalf of the Member, lawyers and other advisers and experts to assist and to require the Member to settle, compromise or otherwise dispose of such claim or proceedings in such manner and upon such terms as the Association sees fit, provided that no actions or directions of the Association shall imply an obligation to cover the liability, loss, cost or expense. If the Member does not settle, compromise or dispose of a claim or of proceedings after being required to do so by the Association, any recovery by the Member from the Association in respect of such claim or proceedings shall be limited to the amount he would have recovered if he had acted as required by the Association.

4 A Member shall, in respect of a dispute which falls under the cover, for his own account, obtain information, make calculations, attend meetings and otherwise provide assistance, where such work can be performed by him or by persons employed by him or regularly engaged by him to perform such services.