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Rule 71 Other insurance

1 The Association shall not cover:

a) liabilities, losses, costs or expenses which are covered by the Hull Policies or would have been covered by the Hull Policies had the Ship been fully insured on standard terms, without deductible, for an insured value which is at all times not less than the market value from time to time of the Ship without commitment, provided that costs relating to claims for damage sustained by the Ship shall be covered under a Defence Entry to the extent that such damage is not recoverable under the Hull Policies by reason only of a deductible, and for the purposes of this proviso the deductible shall be deemed not to exceed one per cent of the Ship's insured value;
b) liabilities, losses, costs or expenses recoverable under any other insurance or which would have been so recoverable:

i) apart from any term in such other insurance excluding or limiting liability on the ground of double insurance; and
ii) if the Ship had not been entered in the Association with cover against the risks set out in these Rules;

c) liabilities, losses, costs or expenses in relation to a person performing work in the service of the Ship covered by social insurance or by public or private insurance required by the legislation or collective wages agreement governing the contract of employment of such person, or which would have been so covered if such insurance had been effected.

2 The Association shall not cover under a Defence entry costs which are or can be covered under a P&I entry.