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Rule 69 The Association's right to control and direct the handling of a case - withdrawal of cover

1 The Association shall have the right, if it so decides, to control or direct the conduct or handling of any case or legal and other proceedings relating to any matter in respect whereof legal and other costs are covered under a Defence entry and to require the Member to settle, compromise or otherwise dispose of the case or legal and other proceedings in such manner and upon such terms as the Association sees fit.

2 The Association may, in its sole discretion, at any stage of the handling of the case, decline to cover under a Defence entry the legal and other costs involved where:

a) the Member, without the Association's authority, or contrary to its advice, proceeds with the case in a manner which in the view of the Association is undesirable;
b) the Member refuses to settle the case on conditions which the Association recommends or which are recommended by lawyers acting on behalf of the Association or the Member;
c) any of the circumstances set out in Rule 67 subsequently materialise or are brought to the attention of the Association.