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Rule 62 Waste incineration, disposal operations and landfills

1 The Association shall not cover under a P&I entry liabilities, losses, costs or expenses arising out of waste incineration or waste disposal operations carried out by the Ship (other than any such operations carried out as an incidental part of other commercial activities).

2 Unless and to the extent that the Association in its discretion shall otherwise decide, the cover under a P&I entry does not include any liability, loss, damage, cost or expense, including without limitation, liability for the cost of any remedial works or clean up operations, arising as a result of the presence in, or the escape or discharge or threat of escape or discharge from, any land based dump, site storage or disposal facility of any substance previously carried on the Ship whether as cargo, fuel, stores or waste and whether at any time mixed in whole or in part with any other substance whatsoever.