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Rule 60 Drilling, production vessels, barges and heavy lift vessels

1 For drilling vessels, barges and any other vessels or barges employed to carry out drilling or production operations in connection with oil or gas exploration or production, the Association shall not cover under a P&I entry any liabilities, losses, costs or expenses arising out of or during drilling or production operations, provided that for the purpose of this Rule 60.1 

(a)  the Ship shall be deemed to be carrying out production operations if, inter alia, it is a storage tanker or other vessel engaged in the storage of oil, and either:

i.     the oil is transferred directly from a producing well to the storage vessel; or

ii.    the storage vessel has oil and gas separation equipment on board and gas is being separated from oil whilst on board the storage vessel other than by natural venting; and

(b) in respect of any Ship employed to carry out production operations in connection with oil or gas production, the exclusion in this Rule 60.1 shall apply from the time that a connection, whether directly or indirectly, has been established between the Ship and the well pursuant to a contract under which the ship is employed, until such time that the ship is finally disconnected from the well in accordance with that contract

2 For semi-submersible heavy lift vessels and any other vessels designed exclusively for the carriage of heavy lift cargo, the Association shall not cover under a P&I entry liability for loss of or damage to or wreck removal of cargo, save insofar as the carriage is undertaken on contractual terms approved by the Association.

Note: The HEAVYCON 2007 charter is approved provided it is not materially amended.