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Gard AS is acting as the agent of both Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – and Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd. Gard AS has prepared, and the two associations’ Board of Directors have approved a joint set of standard terms of cover for P&I risks (“Rules”) for the 2017 policy year.

For entries in Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig –, the insurer is Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig –. Likewise, for entries in Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd, the insurer is Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd.

The Statutes of Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – and the Bye-Laws of Gard P. & I. (Bermuda) Ltd. are available on request and published on the Gard website.

The Rules for the 2017 policy year which runs from 20 February 2017 to 20 February 2018 contains some alterations to the Rules which applied for the 2016 policy year. Further details of the alterations can be found in Circular no 18/2016 “Amendments to the Rules 2017” which was sent to the Members in January 2017. The circular can be found on the Gard website.