For over 40 years we have been a leading insurer for the international upstream oil and gas industry

We provide insurance solutions to oil and gas companies and work with some of the largest operators and mobile offshore unit owners in the world.

Gard offers high capacity and provides lead terms and claims services for this class of business.

Oil and gas companies can face a wide range of challenges, from damage to offshore installations, business interruption, well blowout to offshore terrorism.

Typical coverages insured by Gard may include physical loss and/or damage to all types of offshore installations and transportation systems as well as mobile offshore units; removal of wreck and/or debris; liability insurance including pollution; operator’s extra expenses related to well control incidents and redrill; business interruption and/or contingent business interruption losses arising from physical loss or damage to offshore installations including pipelines or from a well out of control.


  • Physical loss/damage to offshore installations, pipelines and shoreside terminals including hull and machinery etc. for mobile offshore units
  • Removal of wreck/debris and sue and labour
  • Marine liability insurance
  • Pollution liability
  • Operator’s extra expense (cost of well control and cost of redrilling)
  • Loss of hire, business interruption and contingent business interruption.