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Elizabeth has a background from mechanical engineering at the University of Bristol and worked as an Assistant Underwriter at the Upstream Energy Market of the Lloyds Syndicates for some years. Last year, in her pursuit of further studies within the area of energy she applied for the Claes Isacson Scholarship and was surprised by its flexibility, despite its direct link to the marine industries.

The Claes Isacson Scholarship is totally unique as it enables studies within any field that benefits the marine insurance sector”.


Unique and flexible

She was awarded one of two scholarships and is now pursuing a Master of Science at the University of Oxford within the field of Energy Systems. 

“I value this flexibility as it has allowed me to align my studies directly with my interests. Equally Gard’s recognition of the importance of education confirmed my decision to take the time out of work and develop my understanding of innovation within the Energy sector. “


Learning from Gard

Elizabeth has found the scholarship to be a source of support in many ways. 

“Aside from the financial assistance that has enabled my study, Gard has been hugely supportive by ensuring that I am able to get the most out of it. I have loved meeting employees and clients of Gard in both Arendal and London, and the opportunity to learn from all corners of Gard’s business.” 


Opportunities ahead

Elizabeth emphasizes that she is particularly interested in sustainable energy operations and is planning to use the knowledge and principles gained during her studies to further develop her understanding of the complex challenges facing clients and operations today and in the future.

“I hope that this education will place me in a strong position to fully understand the complex energy systems of the future and to play a critical role in their successful implementation. I feel extremely fortunate to have been supported by Gard at such a pivotal time of energy transition.”

She summarizes her involvement in the scholarship with the following recommendation:  

“I would encourage anyone interested in further education to apply for the scholarship as it has been a fantastic experience!”


 About the scholarship

The Claes Isacson Scholarship is an annual scholarship that helps young people finance an education at university level, with a view to finding work within the shipping and marine insurance sector. The Scholarship relates to one of Gard’s key commitments of education and training – supporting our focus on sharing knowledge and expertise. Read more at the scholarship homepage and apply before 1 April.